Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Locks of Love

New Texas Talent at Craighead Green Gallery

Dr. Charissa N. Terranova curated this year’s New Texas Talent exhibition at Craighead Green Gallery. The distinction between a juried and curated show should be noted. A juried show would likely pull the best of the work that was submitted, whereas a curated show might seek to convey a concept set forth by the curator. In the press release for the show Terranova says, “…this work is in no way metaphysical” and, “…the works in this exhibition collectively make a statement on materiality and materialism”. The full press release can be found on the Craighead Green Gallery website.

There were some elegant works in the show this year that deserve the spotlight. Luis Nieto Dickens’ "City Development Project", a yellow on black woodcut of an aerial city view was a standout. It was direct and restrained. Another work that demonstrated beauty through simplicity was the Jeff Whatley’s sculpture entitled, "The Healer". The work was a vertical slab and a fragment of concrete lashed together and based with steel. It was a compelling example of minimalist sculpture. Finally, the Plexiglas box that contained cascading blond hair by artist Gabe Hochmuth was beautiful and unnerving simultaneously. In Hochmuth’s piece, "Tracy", it is assumed that the work is indebted in more than name alone, but that a piece Tracy’s is in the piece.

There were many fun, colorful and light works in addition to the pieces mentioned here. Actually, whimsy was the broader focus of the show. Having heard a gallery talk at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Terranova expressed an affinity for mundane everyday objects and spaces. This show reiterates her mission from a broader perspective.

Full disclosure: I entered and was rejected from this show. Every effort to steer the topic toward works that I feel truly deserve recognition were made, hopefully in an honest and unprejudiced manner.


  1. Good review. "a statement on materiality and materialism" -- that's classic.

  2. Hey Andrew, thanks for the review on the "City Development Project," which is actually black ink on top of a yellow layer. Thanks for calling it "outstanding!" If you're interested, you can visit my blog, I was just featured in REUNION | The Dallas Review, just published! see it here: http://somethingtype.blogspot.com/