Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shuttering the Art Lab

After a year in operation CADD (Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas) Art Lab is closing it's doors. Director Anne Lawrence has worked with CADD gallery owners to bring exhibitions that showcase the some great contemporary art from some of the most exciting galleries in Dallas. Programing at the Art Lab has included a host of exhibits and Art Socials, where two artists sit down and discuss each others artwork and take questions form the audience in an informal exchange.

Funding has been cited as the culprit for the close, but it was a good run. The gallery may have had odds stacked against it, as the location and timing surely played a part in it's fate. Galleries are closing so often that one can't help but be concerned for the seemingly immovable local institutions like The MAC, the DMA and contemporary galleries that give strength to the local art scene. The hope is that they will all weather the storm and get creative which is really at the heart of all art making, and I believe that now is the time for Dallas to prove itself. Thanks to Anne Lawrence and the CADD group, and good luck with the forthcoming projects in the works.

CADD Art Lab
will close with the current exhibition Launch on September 3. There is an Artist talk scheduled for September 3rd, tomorrow night at 7 pm with Julie Barnofsky, Angel Cabrales, Gabriel Dawe, Tim Harding, and Kyle Kondas.

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