Friday, June 5, 2009

The Agenda Weekend Wish List

The post that Christina Rees, owner of Road Agent wrote for Glasstire has been turning over and over again in my mind. She charges the top tier Dallas collectors with supporting the art in their own city. At a minimum she is looking for support from those collectors in the form of simply being present at the gallery openings around town. Her words are layered by the awareness that many galleries, including her own are struggling in the face of challenging economic times. Her gallery, Road Agent fills a unique space in the Dallas art community. The gallery shows cool, high-end work from Dallas to London. It can be provocative, and arguably Dallas' premier space for bleeding-edge contemporary art. That said, it doesn't feel too heavenly for earthly good, it's approachable. My desire is to suggest things to fix the problem such as Jen Bekman style online editions for sale, volunteer hours (she has reduced the hours to Saturdays only from 12-5) and help with promotion. Whatever happens I hope that this gallery can find enough support to weather these times to flourish in the future. So the one thing on my list this weekend is to visit Road Agent. I hope that they're open. UPDATE: I went to the gallery around one in the afternoon on Saturday the sixth, and the gallery was closed with the sign below (installation in progress) posted on the door.

Far From the Madding Crowd
at Road Agent

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