Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Focus: Rosson Crow Closing at The Ft. Worth Modern

I was upset that I missed Rosson Crow's lecture at The Modern. That was partially the inspiration for my idea to create a selective 'best of the metroplex' calendar which has (d)evolved into this blog. Taking in the show I found something unexpected. I was able to see her process for the first time that appeared to start with sketching out the scene on the large canvases with thin and loose washes. To my surprise the next layer was comprised of masked areas that gave a hard edge but were left with all the under the tape bleeds. With her painting this otherwise sloppy move seemed to gel with the expressionistic layers that surrounded them. Beyond the process I had my own feelings about the work. I felt opposed to those who talk about the paintings as if they were back drops, despite a picture of Crow standing in front of one in a majorette outfit which apparently helped to reinforce that idea. I see her paintings fitting into an evolution preceded by Anslem Keifer. I first found Crow's work online and found her counterpoint of sorts, Kristen Everberg who also paints empty interiors at about the same time. Working in a very muted palatte there is more control in Everberg's work and yet drips and free brushwork are there too. I can't help but make an association between the two painters. I wish that The Modern would bring Everberg in for a Focus. If that happens I hope I find out about her artist talk before it happens.

Rosson Crow's Focus at The Ft. Worth Modern closes this Sunday.

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