Monday, May 11, 2009

Tigersprung: Obscure Couture at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary

Tigersprung first caught my attention because of the premise: fashion meets art, the title and curatorial efforts of Charissa Terranova, and the inclusion of the artist Libby Black. Ms. Black's fetishistic devotion to high-end designers returns to earth in her obsessive but folk-like craft. The innocence of the construction is echoed in the Zen title of the work (featured right), Wherever you go, there you are. Also of note, a performance by Amy Revier who's head was swallowed by her pony tail in an Ann Hamilton stroke. She was seated atop a Cabinet of Dr. Caligari bookkeeper pedestal and typed away at what appeared to be stream of consciousness thought. I remember a similar performance in college with two girls typing away dressed as secretaries. They both typed on either end of one long sheet of paper until the typewriters tore the paper in two. I think it was about the role of women in society, but I was and may still be more attracted to the discussion of culture more than politics.

I'm looking forward to hearing Charissa Terranova discuss her thought process while curating the show this Saturday at 2 PM in The MAC Gallery.

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